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Meet your Hosts

Welcome to TrueTV.  In the vast landscape of the World Wide Web, we strive to make content more intimate, interconnected, and meaningful, bringing you a closer, more personal experience.  Tune in, participate, share, and become an active member. Your journey with TrueTV is not just about watching – it's about engaging and being part of a community. Welcome to a more personal digital experience.

Meet the Team

This is your Team section. Briefly introduce the team then add their bios below. Click here to edit.

Music Producers

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This is your Team section. Briefly introduce the team then add their bios below. Click here to edit.

Camille Cesar

Business Owner, Enterpreneur

Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, Camille's early life in the inner city fueled her drive for financial stability. As a thriving business owner and entrepreneur, she empathizes with the struggles of those facing similar challenges. Join her in her podcast, where she shares personal experiences, providing support, encouragement, and practical advice to inspire others from similar backgrounds. Camille's mission is clear: uplifting stories and empowerment from the heart of Brooklyn.

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Ashley Jamil

Actress, Voice and Animation 

 Ashley Jamil is a multifaceted talent—accomplished actress, vibrant voice artist, and aspiring animation character creator. With over 15 years of acting experience in plays and films, Ashley's versatility shines through. Beyond the screen, she actively contributes to her community and hosts the "Love Sex Reality" podcast, where her ambitious and fun-loving nature comes to life through comical skits and short films. Fueled by a strong commitment to philanthropy and faith, Ashley is set to explore the world of voice-over animation, adding another layer to her diverse creative pursuits. Join Ashley on her journey, where entertainment meets compassion and creativity.

France A. Neff

Psychologist, Counselor, Coach, Dancer, Author

France is a passionate advocate for the arts and a dedicated guide in helping others find their true calling. As an experienced educator, coach, and counselor, France effortlessly integrates creativity into her work, offering listeners a unique blend of inspiration and practical advice. Tune in for insightful conversations, as France explores the transformative power of the arts, shares personal experiences, and connects with guests who share a similar passion for creativity and personal growth. Get ready for a journey of self-discovery and genuine connection with your host France.  

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Magalie Neff 

Hi, as your host.. we will explore and discuss topics related to social and economic development.  I am passionate about helping people to succeed in Life.  I enjoy teaching, coaching and counseling.  I am motivated to help you find your passion.

Please join our lively discussion and together, we can inspire one another………………

Maceo A. Holloway Jr.

Blues and rhythm guitarist

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA. We are proud to have this very dynamic, gifted blues and rhythm guitarist on many of our sessions. Maceo has over 50 + years playing his unique Southern blues & funk stle on countless albums and live on stage.
Maceo has played with various groups. From small groups such as the Sidewinders, Liberation, The Chaparrals, 14 Karat Gold, just to name a few. To nationally acclaimed groups and artists such as Betty Swann, Major Lance, Salomon Burke, Marlina Shaw, William Bell, Brides of Funkenstein (Malia Franklin), just to name a few.
These days, when not in our studios.. You can catch Maceo playing behind countless groups and as the guitarist with Nellie Tiger Travis.


Here is a brief sample of Maceo's rhythmic Blues & Funk playing style

Maceo Guitar Short SnippetMaceo
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Enter TANKSLEY, a beacon of creativity and unbridled expression. In a world saturated with technology and music samples, TANKSLEY stands out as a rare gem—a songwriter, musician, and artist who defies conventions.

TANKSLEY isn’t just an artist; he’s a revelation—a bridge between tradition and innovation. Tune in, groove, and let his music transport you

Here is a brief sample of Maceo's rhythmic Blues & Funk playing style

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Robert Douglas Latham

aka "Sweet Sauce"

Bob, affectionately known as “the sweet sauce,” infuses the DotAveBoys Soundtrack Compilation No. 1 with his musical magic. As a multi-instrumentalist, he adds the perfect finishing touch to many of the tracks.

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