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Welcome to True Tv where Content Gets Closer to You!

At True TV, we believe in bringing entertainment, education, and inspiration right to your fingertips. Our mission is simple: to create a platform where you can watch, learn, and be inspired, all in one place.

Our journey began with a passion for connecting people through meaningful content. We understand the importance of content that resonates with you, and that's why we're dedicated to bringing it closer to you. Whether you're looking for informative documentaries, engaging series, or uplifting stories, True TV is your go-to destination.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a diverse range of content that caters to your unique tastes and interests. From thought-provoking documentaries that expand your horizons to entertaining series that keep you hooked, we curate content with you in mind.

True TV is not just a platform; it's a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the power of storytelling. Join us on this journey where we strive to make every moment count, and every click brings you closer to the content that speaks to you.

Watch, Learn, and Be Inspired with True TV because when content is closer to you, it becomes an experience tailored just for you. Welcome to a world where your viewing pleasure is our top priority.


About us

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"Have you ever looked back and thought, 'I could have done that and more if given the chance?' Maybe circumstances didn’t align, timing felt off, or the conditions weren’t right. 
Years later, as I sifted through my basement, I stumbled upon boxes brimming with unreleased recordings—music meant to be passed down to my imagined sons. But I have daughters, each with their unique interests. 
So, what does one do with a trove of music, gathering dust and some damaged by time? Many songs are locked in obsolete devices, technology having moved on. 

This music is just a fragment of my nostalgia. It holds memories of people, creative processes, and eras. I dreamt of expanding into film, radio, TV, theaters, books—using music as a springboard. I envisioned pioneering new tech and businesses. Yet, these aspirations lingered as time surged ahead. After over 30 years, I’m rising from my chair, confronting the age-old question of what I could have achieved given the chance. May this serve as an inspiration and challenge for you too. Should you seek support on your journey, I’m here. Warm regards, Reginald Cesar"

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