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"Have you ever looked back and thought, 'I could have done that and more if given the chance?' Maybe circumstances didn’t align, timing felt off, or the conditions weren’t right. 
Years later, as I sifted through my basement.  I stumbled upon boxes and boxes of various recordings, song books and memorabilia.  Lots of unreleased recordings waiting to be passed down to my imagined sons. Fast forward 30+ years.  I have all daughters each with their unique interests. 
So, what does one do with a trove of music gathering dust and some damaged by time? Many songs are locked in obsolete devices, technology having moved on. 
These boxes hold memories of events, people, places and things.  It brings me back to my formative years of when I began my journey.  I dreamt of recording hit songs, expanding into film, radio, TV, theaters and books. 
Yet, these aspirations lingered as time surged ahead. 
After 30+ years, I’m rising from my chair confronting the age-old question of what I could have achieved given the chance. 
May this serve as an inspiration and challenge for you too. Should you seek support on your journey, I’m here. 
Warm regards, Reginald Cesar"

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